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Growing houseplants outdoors

We all know that the plants we have in our houses are actually outdoor plants native to the tropical forest or desert areas around the world. If you have some outside space, in the summer months it is possible to bring your plants outside for a little summer holiday, giving them the benefits of more light an...
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Simple houseplant propagation techniques

Simple houseplant propagation techniques Want to grow your plant collection for free? Propagation really is very satisfying, but be warned, it’s pretty addictive! green rooms and L'appartement styling for Ercol, photo by Beth Davis Below we explain a few really simple ways to prop...
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Top 5 houseplant care tips

Houseplants play a large part in many people’s lives for the myriad benefits they bring. For us, they bring an unbeatable sense of life and naturalness to our homes. Caring and nurturing for our plants provides a vital source of mental wellbeing and some time away from screens. We also love that there’s always something...
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