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houseplant care in autumn and winter

Houseplant care during autumn and winter As the daylight hours shorten in autumn and winter the care that we give to our houseplants should also change. Here are our tried and tested tips for caring for your plants during the cooler, darker months. 1. Reduce Frequency of Watering D...
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Top 5 houseplant care tips

Houseplants play a large part in many people’s lives for the myriad benefits they bring. For us, they bring an unbeatable sense of life and naturalness to our homes. Caring and nurturing for our plants provides a vital source of mental wellbeing and some time away from screens. We also love that there’s always something...
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Identify and treat common houseplant pests

Common houseplant pests and treatment Even the most doting of houseplant lovers is unfortunately likely to experience pests on their beloved collection at some point, so here is a rundown of the most common houseplant pests with tried and tested treatments. ...
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