Bioactive Terrarium Custodians Microfauna Mix Mini Isopods & Springtails



Bioactive Custodian Microfauna Mix | Dwarf White Isopods & Springtails Bundle

Save money with our bioactive bundle deal and get a full dwarf white isopod and springtail culture in the same tub.

Dwarf/Mini White Isopods (Trichorhina tomentosa) are one of the smallest species of isopod more commonly available, growing only to around 3-4mm making them the smallest isopod species we have and the perfect size for terrariums and bioactive setups of all sizes. Even though they are small they make quick work of decaying matter and are very active.

Isopods are used as ‘clean-up crew’ in bio-active terrariums and live food for dart frogs and other herps and inverts. They feed on decaying matter including leaves, wood, mold and animal faeces and in turn add nutrients to your terrarium for healthy plant growth and eliminate build up of mold.

Dwarf/Mini White Isopods are soft bodied and do not roll into a ball. They are parthenogenic and reproduce more when kept well fed. Dwarf white isopods spend the majority of thier time beneath the surface, aerating the substrate and feeding on detritus. They can be paired well with surface dwelling isopods such as Porcellionides pruinosus or Cubaris murina and are one of the most popular isopod species for keeping in dart frog vivariums.

Tropical Springtails

Springtails can be used in temperate and tropical terrarium set ups and added to the soil of potted house plants. These species are non native and should not be used outside.

Suitable as livefood for small amphibians and reptiles.

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