Monstera Adansonii



nursery pot size: 12cm
plant height: 25cm approximately
fits decorative pot size: 14cm - 16cm


*Pot in image not included in price.
Monstera adansonii, often mistaken for the Monstera obliqua, are as easy going and striking as their more commonly found family member, the Monstera Deliciosa (or Swiss Cheese plant). They're extremely fast growers, and they're beautiful foliage creates a bold statement in any space.
Bright but indirect light - Monstera do best in a spot with bright but indirect light, although they can handle early morning or late afternoon sunlight hitting their leaves directly. The shadier the spot, the less prominent the slits in the foliage will be.
Moderate - In Spring and Summer let the top inch or two of soil dry out between waterings, and in the cooler months it's best to let the soil dry at least half way down the pot.The easiest way to check moisture levels is by sticking your finger into the soil to the required depth.
Moderate - Monstera are native to South America and therefore will enjoy a spot that emulates the high humidity of a rainforest. However, as a very easy going houseplant they will still thrive in the lesser humidity levels that most of us have in our homes.Avoid placing near to known air dryers such as radiators and fan heaters during the winter months. Misting the leaves weekly is recommended.
Monstera adansonii are climbing plants, so will naturally spread outwards before starting to trail if they have nothing to climb. Whilst this looks amazing trailing from a high shelf, you can also insert a moss/coir pole or bamboo sticks into the soil to encourage the plant to climb upwards.You can cut Monstera back in spring and propagate the leaf cuttings in water to grow your collection.


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