We all know that the plants we have in our houses are actually outdoor plants native to the tropical forest or desert areas around the world. If you have some outside space, in the summer months it is possible to bring your plants outside for a little summer holiday, giving them the benefits of more light and rainwater to help them thrive.

Allowing your plants to grow outside during the summer months can really help them to thrive. The increased light intensity will boost their photosynthesis and encourage more growth. Showers of rainwater will keep leaves clean and dust free also boosting their ability to photosynthesise. Rainwater doesn’t have the added chemicals we have in our tap water, so this will be preferable for the plants too.

First you will need to take some things into consideration and some precautionary actions.

Acclimitise your plants to being outside

The light outside is stronger than it is indoors and generally the termperatures will be cooler than in our homes, especially at night. Acclimatise your plants to being outside in the brighter light and cooler temperatures by putting them outside in a shady spot during the day and bring them in at night for a week or so, before moving them there for their summer holiday.

No more risk of frost

Make sure the frosts and low night time temperatures are no longer an issue before leaving your plants out overnight.

Light intensity outdoors

Light outside is much more intense than indoors so do take this into consideration when positioning them outdoors. Cacti and succulents can handle direct light but the majority of our houseplants will like dappled light or shadier areas mimicking their native habitat of rainforest floors or higher up under tree canopies.

Watering your houseplant outdoors

You might also find that you need to water them more frequently whilst they outdoors, with stronger light and hopefully more vigorous growth they will be thirstier than normal. Before watering it is always a good idea to stick your finger far into the soil to test whether they need water or not.

Plants for indoors or out

There are some plants that we typically grow indoors that are pretty hardy and can be grown outdoors, although it is still a good idea to bring them indoors over winter. Here are 5 plants to add a jungle feel to a balcony or patio:

Colocasia Hilo Beauty

Stunning leaves make this a popular plant with jungle gardeners. It will like dappled shade and be careful not to let the soil dry out.

Oxalis Triangularis

These beautiful purple leaves add a great splash of colour amongst the greenery of jungle planting. The Oxalis will die back over winter and pop up again in spring in the most satisfying fashion.


Such a forgiving plant that is really adaptable and can tolerate low temperatures. Just make sure it is in a shady spot as direct sun will scorch the leaves.

Birds Nest Fern

Add life to shadier spaces with this luscious green fern or nestle them under taller plants making the most of the dappled light.

Australian pitcher plant

To be kept constantly damp sitting in a tray of rainwater this intriguing plant will have a dormant period over winter, so don’t be alarmed if it starts to die off at the end of autumn.

We hope your plants enjoy some time outside this summer. For lots more plants, pots and plant care accessories shop online at shopgreenrooms.com